Sustainable Christmas


Christmas is a joyous time but how can you have a merry and sustainable season?

Here are our top tips for three of the big day’s worst waste generators.

Real or Not Real

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a tree but should you go real or fake it?

If you have a fake tree then definitely keep on using it.  If you’d like a faux tree but need to purchase one then why not see if there’s a preloved one on Ebay, Freecycle or local Facebook marketplace.

If you prefer a real tree then there are a couple of options. Buying a potted tree means you can keep it year after year and there’s plenty of tips online about caring for your tree throughout the rest of the year.  If you don’t have green fingers then consider renting a tree; more and more places are offering this and some companies will even deliver and collect the tree for you.

Whatever you go for, make sure you recycle your Christmas tree, many council have facilities to do this.

Food for Thought

This Christmas you might chose to go vegetarian but if not do think about how much food you’re buying and how you’re using it.  Here’s some helpful tips for making the most of your festive food.

Don’t go overboard:  It’s not great for our wallets, waistline or the environment, even though there’s a massive temptation to over indulge at Christmas.  Absolutely enjoy Christmas but if you’re festive food is lasting well into January, might want to have a rethink.

A report last year found each year in the UK the equivalent of four million Christmas dinners are wasted – the equivalent to two million turkeys, 74 million mince pies and five million Christmas puddings.

If you do find you have a leftover food don’t throw it away, make use of those recipe books and online resources and keep that freezer busy – there’s nothing better on a cold winter’s night than knowing you have something yummy just waiting to get popped in the oven.

Christmas All Wrapped Up

Last year we threw away more than 100 million rolls of wrapping paper at Christmas, that’s a lot of waste and much of its can’t actually be recycled due to added plastics, glitter and dyes.

This year consider a few more sustainable options such as brown paper embellished with foliage and ribbon, old magazines to create stunning personalised wrapping or why not use fabric gift bags which can be used over and over.  If getting crafting doesn’t appeal, then make sure the wrapping paper you do buy is recycled and recyclable.

Have a very happy and sustainable Christmas.


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