Top Tips for Reducing Plastic at Home

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We’re all very aware of the importance of reducing plastic use, especially when it comes to single use plastics. There can feel a lot of pressure to stop using everyday items that we’ve been using for many years, but often it’s not clear what the best alternatives are.
Below are our top tips and swaps for reducing your plastic use at home; choose a few and you’ll be well on your way to starting your plastic-free journey.
·       Reusable shopping bags – keep a couple in your car or in your bag so they’re always handy. This saves you pennies and helps the environment – a win-win scenario!
·       Stop using bottled water – this is easier than you think once it becomes a habit! Not only will it significantly reduce your plastic use if you regularly buy it, you will save a lot of money.
·       Use your local market or greengrocers for fruit and veg – you can take your own bags, buy seasonal and local and avoid lots of unnecessary plastic wrapping.
·       Grab your bread from a bakery – not only will it be freshly baked and delicious, it will be plastic free!
·       Support a local milkman – plastic free and supporting a local, independent business, what’s not to like?! If you don’t have someone in your area that delivers, try and see if any local shops have a refillable milk machine.
·       Swap your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo toothbrush, or to an electric one that has less plastic waste.
·       Did you know you can buy dishwasher powder, rather than individually wrapped tablets? This swap saves lots of bits of plastic going to waste.
·       Swap your disposable cleaning cloths and wipes for long lasting, reusable versions. Coconut scourers are great for washing up and old clothes chopped up make great dusters.
·       Use a bar of soap instead of a pump bottle. If you do use a pump bottle, see if you can find a refill shop nearby so you can keep reusing the same one.
·       Ditch the disposable plastic razors and get a long-lasting safety razor. Not only do these look smarter on the bathroom shelf, they’re far better for the environment.
·       Ditch the cotton buds! You can buy eco-friendly versions, but are they really essential?
·       There are some beautiful patterns available in beeswax wraps, which makes a great plastic-free alternative to clingfilm for sandwiches and wrapping leftovers to pop back in the fridge.
·       There is no need for make-up remover wipes – get your hands on some gorgeous re-usable remover pads.
·       Have a go at baking your own yummy snacks – this is healthier, you know exactly what is going into them and it cuts back on plastic.
·       If you regularly buy coffee out, get a reusable mug, there are tonnes of options available, including collapsible so it’s easy to carry around.
Give it a go today - start with just one or two of the above and see how you get on! Being totally plastic free isn’t a quick thing, it takes a lifestyle change, but if everyone makes a few changes, together we can make a big difference.

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