New Italian Offer at Lock29 is Pasta Delight


If you love pasta (and who doesn’t) then the latest trader at Lock29 is sure to get your tastebuds excited. Pasta Delight is a family-run business specialising in fresh Italian pasta and delicacies. Their mission is simple; to bring customers joy with authentic Italian-style fresh pasta, made from quality ingredients that taste absolutely incredible. 
The menu includes dishes such as sublime Linguini with truffle butter, fresh Italian lasagne and mouth-watering tortelloni with pumpkin and ricotta. There’s also a selection of delicious Italian desserts including Coppa Tiramisu and Aragostini, a crispy flaky pastry with a flavoured cream centre. 
Founded by brothers Gustavo and Henrique, they learnt to cook at an early age courtesy of their nonna and mamma. Gustavo has been a chef for a number of years, while Henrique’s career saw him work in the distribution of Italian food. Pasta Delight in Lock29 is their first permanent outlet.  
The duo also has ambitions to extend their offer with pasta kits for home preparation very soon. 
Henrique said: “A great Italian pasta dish is characterized by a few key elements: Quality Ingredients, authenticity, balance of flavours, perfectly cooked pasta, freshness, attention to detail, passion and love. Ultimately, what makes a great Italian pasta dish can vary from person to person, but these elements are often at the core of a memorable pasta experience.” 
After many years of living in London, Gustavo saw an opportunity to live with his family in a quieter place that had not yet lost the sense of a close-knit community. They made the move to Woodford Halse, where they have been based for seven years now. 
Inspired by his brother, Henrique decided to follow in his footsteps and relocated with his family to Banbury. Together, they saw the opportunity to turn their passion for Italian food into a reality, vision LOCK29 as the ideal place to give birth to the idea of Pasta Delight. 
Chris Catford, General Manager at Lock29 said: “We really strive for the best at Lock29 and Pasta Delight absolutely fits that criterion. The combination of experience, passion, authenticity and a great menu equals something really special that we know Banbury is going to love. 
So, indulge your passion for Italy at Lock29 with Pasta Delight! 

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