Why dogs are magic for our minds.


Did you know that dogs reduce loneliness and depression?

What is it about our canine companions that is so magic? As the world around us continues to be bleak, social media’s most powerful feel good content is animals doing silly things – the result? A magical, calming effect and a much needed smile.
We are huge dog fans here at Lock29, with all the team being certifiably ‘dog mad’. In a recent Guardian article, Marion Janner, a mental health campaigner and all-round animal lover, says that dogs teach us a whole range of lessons. “Dogs love us unconditionally. They’re the ultimate in equal opportunities – entirely indifferent to race, gender, star sign, CV, clothes size or ability to throw cool moves on the dance floor. The simplicity and depth of this love is a continuous joy, along with the health benefits of daily walks and the social delights of chats with other dog walkers. They teach kids to be responsible, altruistic and compassionate and, valuably but sadly, how to cope when someone you love dies.”
There is no other creature on the planet that has been created to love you rather than themselves. That in itself is pretty powerful, and therapeutic.


Here are five ways in which dogs can help our mental health:
They get us out of the house: Dogs are great at encouraging people to get out and exercise in the fresh air.
They’ll be there for you: Living with a dog can give owners a sense of security and someone to spend the day with. Affectionate and loving, dogs make the perfect companion.
They keep you calm: The companionship of a dog can add comfort for those who suffer with anxiety. Not only are dog walks a motivation for those anxious about leaving the house, but their naturally loving and carefree characters can help get your mind off of stressful thoughts.
They build a routine: This has proved so crucial during extended lockdowns when so many routines have disappeared.
They make us proud: A lot of effort goes into looking after our dogs and keeping them healthy and happy. With every trick that they learn, every ball fetched, every stick picked up from the ground and every passing stranger smiling, dogs help us feel proud of our hard work and improve our self-esteem. 
Honestly? Gazing into your dog’s eyes may produce a more reliable sense of wellbeing than any commercially available synthetic product.
Before Christmas, we opened our doors to your canine friends and the response was fantastic. We can’t wait to see you and your best friend back here once lockdown is over.


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