Tom's Diner's A-Z: A is for American Afternoon Tea

Welcome to Tom’s Diner’s A to Z of all things plant based. Kicking off our Lunchtime Lockdown with… the letter A

American Afternoon Tea

New York is known for many things: its ‘cwoffee’, busy streets, nocturnal personality and jaw-dropping skyscrapers, to name but a few.
However, amidst the cultural melting pot of one of the world's greatest metropolises, one of the things it certainly isn't famous for is an Afternoon Tea.
When the opportunity arose for us to put a New York twist on this great British tradition, we were excited to say the least for what we hope will be a great new stand-alone menu to serve at the Diner when we reopen.
The savouries will include decadent American comfort food such as ‘lobstah’ rolls and pulled ‘pork’ and apple sauce buns; there will even be our take on a ‘pastrami’ on rye with mustard and pickles. This is an interesting twist on the traditional finger sandwiches, and offers, we hope, a decent culinary nod towards the Big Apple. There may even be our nut free take on a PBJ sandwich.
One of our favourite sandwiches we serve at Tom’s Diner is a version of the classic Lox: a smoked carrot and cream cheese mini bagel that you could easily be fooled came from a traditional New York deli.
Also on the menu will be a selection of mini hot dogs and sliders to choose from, because who doesn’t love a burger!
Even the most deliberately untraditional Afternoon Tea has to feature scones - and this is what we move on to next. Our scones are so delicious we couldn’t leave them off this menu! Whether you go for the Devonshire or Cornish method is up to you- you will all be served with delicious organic blueberry jam and a choice of either oat crème fraiche or whipped double cream (plant based, of course!)  
Next up is the sweet plate. Choose from our takes on classic New York desserts such as mini apple pies, doughnuts and cheesecakes. Now we know that a New York themed Afternoon Tea comes with big expectations- NYC is the birthplace to iconic desserts such as the Cronut and the Ice Cream Sandwich after all. Come check us out- we hope we don’t disappoint!
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