Our Aim

Happerley’s aim is empower consumers to know the journey of their food, and we are delighted to bring Happerley England - the UK’s first centre celebrating the provenance of England’s food and drink, to Lock29 in Banbury.  

Happerley England’s aim is to draw in local, regional and national visitors to experience and celebrate the best food and drink in the UK, in a new transparent and informative way of buying produce. 

Food and drink is an integral part of our lives, but we don’t always have the knowledge of where it comes from. Happerley is at the forefront of technology that can help bridge this gap, and their certification creates a refreshingly interactive shopping experience. Using QR code technology you can scan each supplier to see exactly where they source their ingredients, allowing you to make an informed choice and to understand the journey of your food and drink – an exciting discovery. 

All producers in Lock29 will have the Happerley QR marque, empowering you to know the complete journey of your food. 

Happerley - one network, one truth

Your Choice

Choose from a range of produce, whether that’s buying some fresh meat from the butcher or fish from the fishmonger to take home and cook later. Experiment with a range of street food vendors serving hot food if you fancy a quick and tasty lunch. Perhaps a drink at the bar or a coffee to keep yourself going? Or help support the local producers using the Farmers Market space allowing you to enjoy the great bustling marketplace experience with the best produce the UK has to offer. 

Happerley England supports and promotes quality food and drink producers, businesses you can trust. In an age when misleading marketing tactics are rife, this is a principle we all need to get behind.