Woven Wirework Pendant WORKSHOP

Intermediate Woven Wirework Pendant WORKSHOP: Saturday 27th November 2021

Join designer and tutor Jem Hawkes for a fantastic jewellery making workshop.

You will learn to weave multiple strips of wire together in a decorative manner, before forming a bezel to fit gemstones, completing the bail and securing it all together safely. Optionally you can add further flourishes to the design.

Suited for intermediate wireworkers, those with at least some wire jewellery handling and making experience.

Access to loaner tools, wire and either Blue Dyed Onyx or Tiger’s Eye gemstone is included in the workshop price.

Jem will bring other gemstones along which can be purchased if you prefer. Or feel free to bring your own ROUND cabochon (minimum 30mm) to class. Also if you would rather use your own tools, please do bring them along.

You will need chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and decent cutters at a minimum. But also it would be great to use also bail making pliers if you have them.

Event starts at 10:00am.

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