Magic Workshops

Magic Workshops at Lock29!

Witness the wonder of magic, discover the secrets behind the tricks, and even craft your very own magical moments in this half-day workshop for ages 8+. Whether you're a budding magician or just starting your magical journey, this workshop is perfect for beginners.

The course is aimed at ages 8+ (but if you are really keen and are not quite old enough get in touch – exceptions are always made for the best magicians in the making!) Any age can enjoy the workshop though and it may well be your first stepping stone in to this wonderful art form.

As an exclusive treat, attendees who hold onto this flyer will have the opportunity to create their very own mouthwatering pizza with Tony at Jammin Pizza for just £6. 

Secure your spot and take advantage of early bird tickets by booking now. Email

Event starts at 10:00am.